Did Nehru go for the Salt March?


By Sunil Kumar   The Salt March or the Dandi Satyagraha was one of the greatest acts of defiance and PR successes of the Indian freedom struggle. Receiving no response from the British Viceroy Irwin about his complaint about the …

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What was opinion of Hitler about Indian Freedom Struggle? Whether he had commented anytime on Mahatma Gandhi or Jawaharlal Nehru?


By Sunil Kumar Hitler had a very negative opinion about the Indian freedom struggle. He admired the British Empire and their adept exploitation of the “jewel in the crown”; the Indian dominion. In Churchill’s words; a descendant of Huns, Vandals …

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Why does Gandhi get all the credit for Indian independence when the British left India largely because of the damage Hitler had caused to them in WWII? Shouldn’t he get blamed for the partition of the country & the death of millions of Sikhs/Muslims?


By Sunil Kumar M.K Gandhi gets all the credit for Indian freedom as he was the most “famous” icon of Indian Independence. Rabindranath Tagore transformed Mohandas into a “Mahatma”. The British left India due to multiple reasons: a “naval” mutiny …

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Who inspired Gandhi?


By Sunil Kumar According to the book “Gandhi Before India” by Ramachandra Guha; Gandhi’s stay in South Africa was more instrumental in his life story than anything else. As a student in the London Inner Temple; he was inspired by …

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India: A Wounded Civilization


By Sunil Kumar If a mass of articles and daily analysis were not enough to remind me of the fact that India is a wounded civilization; V.S Naipaul‘s 1975 book on his perceptions surely has. Landing in an antique Bombay …

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Modi’s Loo”Eria”: Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan


By Sunil Kumar With a lot of newsprint devoted to Modi’s commendable vision of a clean India; there are understandably a few skeptics. As in everything in our great nation; we wait to see how effectively this makes a transition …

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