Why couldn’t the French maintain control over their colonies like the British?


By Sunil Kumar Possible reason according to me: turmoil in France compared to relative stability in Britain. In 1789; France had a bloody revolution when most of their royals lost their heads; i.e were guillotined. After that France saw the …

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How did the name Moriarty come about; for Sherlock’s ultimate rival?


By Sunil Kumar My answers continued; Here’s another psycho-babble version of why the name Moriarty came about. This is from the Colonial Conan Doyle by Catherine Wynne. The fact that Holmes’s arch-rival; the Napoleon of crime; Moriarty is a Celtic-Irish …

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Qtn: Was Gandhi a hero or a villain?


By Sunil Kumar Let us analyze Mohandas K. Gandhi. He was indeed a very shrewd organizer who managed to definitely shake the British empire; and became a global icon due to the media of the time; the barbarity of colonialism; …

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