Why did William Dalrymple call Delhi ‘The City of Djinns?’


By Sunil Kumar You must be referring to one of his early books on Delhi- The City of Djinns. In fact, this was the first book of his I had read, although subsequently I managed to run through many of …

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What is the impact of the Tudor period in the history of England?


By Sunil Kumar Effects of the Tudor period on the history of England are quite profound. Indirectly; they were also quite substantially important for the country’s richest colony-to-be, India. England was a provincial backwater at the edge of Europe in …

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Sherlock Holmes And James Bond


By Sunil Kumar Qtn asked: What is the difference between Sherlock Holmes and James Bond? My answer: James Bond is a character created by Ian Fleming named after an American ornithologist. His fame stems largely from the Albert Brocolli franchise; …

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Lutyen’s Delhi


By Sunil Kumar In the narrow course of our existence; there’s nothing constant except death and taxes.  So said a wise philosopher whose name I recall sometimes. Today’s blog is going to be about Lutyen’s Delhi. The name is synonymous …

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Global Soul


By Sunil Kumar In the age of the internet; most of us are global souls. Remember a fascinating discussion on the subject in the JLF last year. So, today’s blog is going to be about Pico Iyer and “The Global …

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