Will Sherlock(the series) return?


By Sunil Kumar There have been no official announcements; but the BBC is hopeful that Sherlock will maybe return in two years time. It depends on the schedules of Benedict Cumberbatch(Sherlock) and Martin Freeman(Watson) who juggle television and movies a …

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Why are Sherlock and Watson never arrested for letting criminals get away?


By Sunil Kumar Qra answers continued; Sherlock and Watson are usually called upon to assist Lestrade(the inspector) in his cases. As the hero of the short stories; Sherlock is supposed to be the wizard; who dazzles everybody with his brilliance; …

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What would have happened if Sherlock Holmes met Swami Vivekananda?


By Sunil Kumar Imaginary place in London: Baker Street Swami Vivekananda(Mr. Naren Dutta) arrives at 221B. Sherlock Holmes is relaxing near the fireplace along with his sidekick, Watson smoking a pipe. Mrs. Hudson comes in, let us imagine her as …

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