Why did India-China relations go bad?


By Sunil Kumar   Thanks. You’re right in saying that India and China never had any large-scale conflicts for thousands of years. But; both countries were not a single political unit in the modern sense until the middle of the …

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How did World War I lead to the appointment of Hitler?


By Sunil Kumar World War I was mainly due to the rivalry of Germany under Kaiser Wilhelm and Britain. Ironically; Germany had only become united in the 19th century; with the strongest state being Prussia controlled by a Chancellor Bismarck. …

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Why was Ardhamagadhi Prakrit used to write the scriptures of Jainism?


By Sunil Kumar The reason for this is quite simple; it was the language of the court in the most powerful empire of the time – the Magadha janapada which later morphed into the Mauryan empire. The Jain agamas were …

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Who are the most significant goddesses in Greek mythology?


By Sunil Kumar From what I’ve read a long time back; book by Edith Hamilton, a few major Greek goddesses. After the Roman empire conquered Greece; many of their names had Roman equivalents which are equally famous. Aglaia: The Greek …

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What is the depth of the Strait of Malacca?


By Sunil Kumar The Strait of Malacca connects the Andaman sea(Indian Ocean) and the South China sea(Pacific Ocean). Running between the Indonesian Island of Sumatra to the West; and peninsular(West) Malaysia and extreme southern Thailand to the east; it has …

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Global Infobabble


By Sunil Kumar The three tectonic shifts for news in India this year have been; Demonetization, Brexit and Trump. Although the latter two are significant only for the reams of global newsprint devoted to discussing their implications; demonetization is the …

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Would you visit Westworld?


By Sunil Kumar Would be an interesting experience. There should also be scope for mods; tweaks in the whole spectrum; so that we could visit different times and places. Related articles CIO interview: Mia Forsäng, Swedish municipality Vara

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