What was winnowing in world history?


By Sunil Kumar An agricultural method. Threshing is separating the grain from the stalks. In early days this was accomplished by men hitting it with a flail(an implement consisting of handle with a free swinging stick at the en). After …

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Winds of Change


By Sunil Kumar Watching Netflix and Obama with Letterman. So; flashing back to one of the final events I attended last year; a discussion on China featuring an Australian Richard Rigby; an ex-diplomat and Pramit Pal Chaudhari; who was I …

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How did the RSS fight the 1975 Emergency?


By Sunil Kumar My Quora answers continued; Retired justice K.T Thomas recently praised the RSS for opposing the 1975 Emergency. Some quotes from his speech; ““If asked why people are safe in India, I would say that there is a …

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Maverick Unchanged – Jethmalani’s Tour De Thought

By Sunil Kumar A book review after some time. Just finished reading noted lawyer Ram Jethmalani’s book “Maverick: Unchanged, Unrepentant”. Although I’ve never been a fan of the loud, opinionated blabbermouth that he is; there is a lot of informative …

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Why did India-China relations go bad?


By Sunil Kumar   Thanks. You’re right in saying that India and China never had any large-scale conflicts for thousands of years. But; both countries were not a single political unit in the modern sense until the middle of the …

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What is the depth of the Strait of Malacca?


By Sunil Kumar The Strait of Malacca connects the Andaman sea(Indian Ocean) and the South China sea(Pacific Ocean). Running between the Indonesian Island of Sumatra to the West; and peninsular(West) Malaysia and extreme southern Thailand to the east; it has …

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Will proponents of Akhanda Bharat now face criminal charges?


By Sunil Kumar “Akhanda Bharat” which is a snide reference by this questioner; does not connote anything wrong or offensive. The Indian government has always acted in conformance with the sensitivities of the people; and this has been the case …

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Is the film Seven Years In Tibet based on historical facts?


By Sunil Kumar I have seen this movie a long time back; but I remember some debate on the historical authenticity of this movie. The mountaineer Heinrich Harrer was in real life; a member of the Nazi SS; a fact …

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Q Answers Series: History Of The Sikhs In Shanghai


By Sunil Kumar The Qtn: What is the History of Sikhs in Shanghai? I read somewhere that the Shanghai Military police recruited Sikhs from British India for proper law and order implementation.. Can anyone provide detailed information about this please. …

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St. Arnab And The Dragon


By Sunil Kumar With International Yoga Day out of the way; and Lalitgate still raging on; it is time to investigate the curious phenomenon of St. Arnab and the Dragon. Christian theology equates the dragon with evil; an all-encompassing phenomenon …

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