Why did Napoleon call Britain “a nation of shopkeepers”?


By Sunil Kumar Like Hitler; Napoleon Bonaparte was a big enemy of the British; and believed that all of Europe should be under his control. The U.K has always had a geographic advantage of being an island. Bonaparte was less …

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Why did the British come up with the idea of Commonwealth of Nations? What is the utility in that?


By Sunil Kumar The British came up with the idea of the Commonwealth for a simple purpose: national self-importance. Even if its former colonies grudge centuries of brutal enslavement; the U.K was a very important nation in world affairs for …

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How did the RSS fight the 1975 Emergency?


By Sunil Kumar My Quora answers continued; Retired justice K.T Thomas recently praised the RSS for opposing the 1975 Emergency. Some quotes from his speech; ““If asked why people are safe in India, I would say that there is a …

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