While Bhagat Singh hogs all the limelight; why is Chandrashekhar Azad lost in oblivion?


By Sunil Kumar The reason for this according to me is the media and the movies. The Punjabis are more sympathetic to Bhagat Singh; the Sikh; even though there were Rajguru and Sukhdeo apart from Singh. Since they formed and …

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Why did Morarji Desai resign?


By Sunil Kumar Morarji Desai’s reputation as a tough nut and a strong follower of fellow Gujarati M.K Gandhi was forged even before independence. Interesting snippets: The oldest of eight children and son of a school-teacher Morarji Desai became part …

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What were the underlying social,political, economic factors that led to many patriotic films made from 1995-2006?


By Sunil Kumar In my opinion there was no substantial rise of patriotic films in India(1995–2006). In fact; most films after independence were substantially more anti-establishment; espousing socialist virtues(anti-zamindar, thakur, big industrialist); and the British; who we had recently gotten …

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Is there any truth that FICCI or a group of Indian capitalists lobbied to get Bhagat Singh hanged?


By Sunil Kumar Although the FICCI was established in 1927 by G.D Birla and Purshottam Das Thakurdas on the advice of M.K Gandhi; pre-independence India did not have industrial bodies with great power and influence; such as today. It was …

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Do you think Bhagat Singh was the greatest legend in the history of India? Why?


By Sunil Kumar I think Bhagat Singh was the greatest youth icon in India’s history. Although my respect for Shaheed Bhagat Singh(We should also mention Rajguru and Sukhdeo) is enormous; in the 5000(+/-) long story of India; there have been …

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Rabindranath Tagore And The Aesthetics of Detachment


By Sunil Kumar Tagore; a cultural icon of the Bengali ethos; is famous across India for a single reason: the national anthem. Most people do not think twice about the pre-independence era. Without any real understanding of the person behind …

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