By Sunil Kumar This week’s book review. Finished reading “Choked” by Pallavi Aiyar. Relatively quickly; within a day. The book is an instructive insight into pollution; and like for most women; the author’s interest was piqued after the birth of …

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Why did India-China relations go bad?


By Sunil Kumar   Thanks. You’re right in saying that India and China never had any large-scale conflicts for thousands of years. But; both countries were not a single political unit in the modern sense until the middle of the …

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What is the depth of the Strait of Malacca?


By Sunil Kumar The Strait of Malacca connects the Andaman sea(Indian Ocean) and the South China sea(Pacific Ocean). Running between the Indonesian Island of Sumatra to the West; and peninsular(West) Malaysia and extreme southern Thailand to the east; it has …

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Q Answers Series: History Of The Sikhs In Shanghai


By Sunil Kumar The Qtn: What is the History of Sikhs in Shanghai? I read somewhere that the Shanghai Military police recruited Sikhs from British India for proper law and order implementation.. Can anyone provide detailed information about this please. …

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Pollution Jane


By Sunil Kumar With the national capital Delhi’s air quality being rated as worse than Beijing; the former pollution capital of the world; it is high time our government woke up to the fact that we are sitting on a …

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Shakalaka Baby! In Xanadu!

By Sunil Kumar Shakalaka Baby! Come and Shakalaka with me! A brighter bulb right out of the sun. Million stars in the sky. “Ek Baari Jo Hai Aaana”. So, today the blog’s going to be about the dreamland of Xanadu; …

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