Why was Ardhamagadhi Prakrit used to write the scriptures of Jainism?


By Sunil Kumar The reason for this is quite simple; it was the language of the court in the most powerful empire of the time – the Magadha janapada which later morphed into the Mauryan empire. The Jain agamas were …

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Who are the most significant goddesses in Greek mythology?


By Sunil Kumar From what I’ve read a long time back; book by Edith Hamilton, a few major Greek goddesses. After the Roman empire conquered Greece; many of their names had Roman equivalents which are equally famous. Aglaia: The Greek …

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Would you visit Westworld?


By Sunil Kumar Would be an interesting experience. There should also be scope for mods; tweaks in the whole spectrum; so that we could visit different times and places. Related articles CIO interview: Mia Forsäng, Swedish municipality Vara

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Is the film Seven Years In Tibet based on historical facts?


By Sunil Kumar I have seen this movie a long time back; but I remember some debate on the historical authenticity of this movie. The mountaineer Heinrich Harrer was in real life; a member of the Nazi SS; a fact …

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Is Obama Weak, Black Coffee?


By Sunil Kumar In an age of the selfie and the media byte; Barack Obama is the most mentioned and reviled President America ever had. So; when Israeli Judy Mozes compares him to weak; black coffee; it is time to …

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