Which force was more instrumental in the destruction of the Mughal Empire, Nadir Shah or the Marathas?


By Sunil Kumar Consider the Mughal Empire as a fine old building; decaying and about to collapse in 1857. Founded by Babur; expanded by Akbar; Aurangzeb’s reign sees a consolidation and puritanical intolerance. Two formidable enemies are more forged by …

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Did the rise of the Maratha confederacy and the fall of the Mughal empire facilitate British colonization?


By Sunil Kumar My answer to a qtn on Qra(the series continued); Interesting. The rise of the Maratha confederacy also happened due to the fact that the Mughal Empire weakened after the death of Aurangzeb in 1707. Shivaji; who laid the …

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Q Answers: Har Har Mahadev! Did Bajirao use that kind of sword?


By Sunil Kumar One of my most-viewed answers on the site; here’s a brief foray into Ranvir Singh..ahem..Bajirao TERRITORY.   The Question: Did Bajirao use that kind of sword as shown in movie Bajirao Mastani? It is also shown that …

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