What were the motifs and patterns used in the Mauryan period?


By Sunil Kumar The Mauryan period is regarded as one of general affluence and a stable, unified empire in ancient India. Stone sculpture and architecture was prevalent in vast swathes of the subcontinent since the Indus Valley Civilization. However; we …

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Why is the Rummandei inscription of Ashoka famous?


By Sunil Kumar Simple; The Rummandei inscription is close to the Buddha’s birthplace in Lumbini. Apparently; the Lumbini Pillar Edict or the Rummandei inscription recorded that sometime after the twentieth year of his reign, Ashoka travelled to the Buddha’s birthplace …

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What was the name and status of Mumbai during the times of Emperor Ashoka?


By Sunil Kumar Mumbai as it is today is the result of British reclamation of 7 islands and building of connecting roads by Indian entrepreneurs under colonial rule. Only the port of Sopara(near present-day Nala Sopara(technically Thane district) was famous …

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How did Ashoka’s conversion impact others beyond India?


By Sunil Kumar Ashoka is one of the most revered figures in Indian history; but everything is not always black and white. As per many historians including Sanjeev Sanyal; Ashoka was not as noble as he is made out to …

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Who gave Ashoka the teachings of the Buddhist religion?


By Sunil Kumar s one of India’s most famous emperors; Ashoka’s life story has been a constant source of debate and discussion. According to 11th century royal historian Kalhana; Ashoka was a devout Hindu till his conversion to Buddhism; and …

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Did King Ashoka fight wars after converting to Buddhism?


By Sunil Kumar This question is interesting but open to speculation. According to books I’ve read recently; the whole story of Ashoka becoming a pacifist after converting to Buddhism is open to debate. According to some historians; Ashoka’s conversion to …

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In what ways was Ashoka the great inspired by Buddhism and the Arthashastra?


By Sunil Kumar Ashoka formed a strong empire and like other kings and emperors of the time intrinsically believed in the intrinsic powers of royalty. His religious world-view was tempered by Buddhism to the extent that he is supposed to …

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