Did the Sikh Gurus ever debate with Jain monks?


By Sunil Kumar Before I touch on the story of a debate; according to Khushwant Singh, many eminent Jains admired the Sikh Gurus and came to their help in difficult times. When the ninth Guru Tegh Bahadur was preaching in …

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Is there any truth that FICCI or a group of Indian capitalists lobbied to get Bhagat Singh hanged?


By Sunil Kumar Although the FICCI was established in 1927 by G.D Birla and Purshottam Das Thakurdas on the advice of M.K Gandhi; pre-independence India did not have industrial bodies with great power and influence; such as today. It was …

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The Buckingham Secret


By Sunil Kumar Gaanda Ghela na karto(Don’t showcase your mischief). The Parsis, a distinctive facet of Bombay existence are known for their ribald humor, philanthropy, eccentricity and a fascination for things “phoren”. So; begins another day at the J.R.D Tata …

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