Did Aristotle have any role in Alexander’s conquests, like Chanakya in Chandragupta?


By Sunil Kumar Aristotle and Chanakya have a few similarities, but many differences. Unlike Kautilya a political and pragmatic strategist, who was instrumental in Chandragupta Maurya’s dethroning of the Nanda dynasty and laying the foundation of one of the ancient …

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Did Alexander the Great have a love life?


By Sunil Kumar Ofcourse; Alexander was possibly bisexual. For a guy who wanted to reach the ends of the earth(the known world at the time) and who defeated the very formidable Persian empire; carnal relations were a sidetrack in his …

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Did Alexander have ambitions on conquering Nubia?


By Sunil Kumar There are accounts that Alexander was certainly interested in conquering Nubia(present-day Southern Egypt and Central Sudan); to bolster his claims of being a “world” conqueror. However; his plans for going south of Egypt into Nubia were supposedly …

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