What were the contributions of Jawaharlal Nehru in achieving freedom?


By Sunil Kumar Let us take a look at Jawaharlal Nehru’s life story(1889–1964). Cynicism left aside due to the current barrage of information detailing his numerous mistakes; I was a great fan of Nehru as a child. And I managed …

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The Brown Man’s Burden


By Sunil Kumar Reading Shashi Tharoor and Obama the past week; the Brown Man’s Burden surfaced in my consciousness with alarming regularity. Although the only dreams appealing are mine alone; yet the eloquence, deep and probing intellects of these two …

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Do you think the Times of India is sexist?


By Sunil Kumar My Qra answers continued – Seriously; what else could you expect from a newspaper that is in the business of increasing their daily circulation and hyping it every chance they get. However; there is hypocrisy in the …

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