Who inspired Gandhi?


By Sunil Kumar According to the book “Gandhi Before India” by Ramachandra Guha; Gandhi’s stay in South Africa was more instrumental in his life story than anything else. As a student in the London Inner Temple; he was inspired by …

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How did Sri Lanka become malaria-free? Can it be replicated in India?


By Sunil Kumar Sri Lanka has a population of only around 21 million; even less than Mumbai. According to the Daily News, Sri Lanka; this is how they eradicated malaria; Setting up mobile malaria clinics that diagnosed and treated people …

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The Media”Cracy” Of Thought


By Sunil Kumar Pun intended. The last few years have seen an explosion of information; a surfeit of excess unlike anything ever in human history. Has more awareness led to something new; a constructive change? Yes; and maybe no at …

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