What was Adolf Hitler’s attitude towards Islam and Muslims?


By Sunil Kumar The Nazis believed that Muslims could be manipulated into being a powerful tool for them. This was due to an Arab Cleric Mohammed Amin-al-husseini; Grand Mufti of Jerusalem calling for Arabs to kill “Jews” wherever they could …

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How did World War I lead to the appointment of Hitler?


By Sunil Kumar World War I was mainly due to the rivalry of Germany under Kaiser Wilhelm and Britain. Ironically; Germany had only become united in the 19th century; with the strongest state being Prussia controlled by a Chancellor Bismarck. …

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How is Brahmin-Varna determined based on one’s birth?


By Sunil Kumar Vedic society was generally non-stratified into a rigid caste system unlike later(a myriad of castes with Vivekananda famously describing Kerala as a madhouse of caste in the late 19th century); but it was based mostly on kin, …

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Qtn: Was Gandhi a hero or a villain?


By Sunil Kumar Let us analyze Mohandas K. Gandhi. He was indeed a very shrewd organizer who managed to definitely shake the British empire; and became a global icon due to the media of the time; the barbarity of colonialism; …

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The Great Indian Wog


By Sunil Kumar For most of my existence; I have been surrounded by the Great Indian Wog. All of us eat curry; including me. Fans of historical trivia may have heard of Macaulay; the Englishman who established universities in India …

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