Straight Talk: Quora Answers


By Sunil Kumar As I’ve spent quite some time on this network; I’m putting all my answers on this site; positively my mental effusions and IPR. So; anybody who wants to read; please do. Positive affirmations are appreciated. Qtn: When …

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By Sunil Kumar On a sultry day; I find myself in a nondescript multiplex. The movie’s about musical passion; drums played with a ferocity that I’ve rarely seen on screen. “Whiplash” is a story about a hardworking musician and his …

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Amadeus And All That Classical Jazz

By Sunil Kumar Wigs, Romans and Countrymen! In the time before MTV and music channels; we had music. Slow and methodical; not as snappy, but more thought out, considerably so. India’s classical traditions such as Hindustani and Carnatic were even …

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