Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda

By Sunil Kumar

If metaphysics is the food of life; play on. So today’s blog is going to be about Shyam Benegal‘s “Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda“(Seventh Horse Of The Sun) circa 1992. In conventional critic’s terms; this movie would qualify as artistic; plodding, but different from today’s perception; that is now veering towards aesthetics of a different sort; the naked Hollywoodesque “The Ineffable Lightness of Being” variety. Flesh all over! Overdose! Cinematic subtext these days is gross; in your face nudity. A chiseled nude vis-a-vis a  bang bang session. A dreamy poetic Hrishikesh Mukherjee film on the Hooghly vs a Dibakar Banerjee “Dengue, Malaria, Bharat Mata Ki Jai!”

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Society is probably a reflection of the times; so we’re living in daily news “rape” country; and all those years ago seem very different. I remember watching this on Doordarshan; seeing it now brought back vivid memories of Indian television as it used to be. Regional cinema or “arthouse” stuff telecast on Sundays.

The movie is an adaptation of a Dharamvir Bharati story; a writer who reached the zenith of his popularity in the early 50s; in a newly independent India.

The narrative is in a series of flashbacks by the narrator, a friend of Manik Mulla(Rajit Kapur); the central protagonist. The three women, Neena Gupta, Pallavi Joshi and Rajeshwari Sachdev are from different social strata; the poor, the middle class and the rich respectively who form an important part of Manik Mulla; the raconteur’s life. Symbolically; it’s about the weakest link(in this case Neena Gupta); ironical she hosted the Indian version of the UK show); determining the progress of the group as a whole; the analogy being similar to the seventh horse of the sun.

Dharamvir Bharati

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The metaphorical movie could be a bit tiresome for those attuned to quick gratification; but it is worth a watch for the period piece; a time long ago. Only for nostalgia buffs!


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