Star Trek Enterprise

By Sunil Kumar

Live long and prosper“. Of the many fictional races in the Star Trek Universe; the Vulcans seem to be the most interesting, logical and rational. After having watched a lot of this fictional babble over the years; Star Trek Enterprise was a prequel that I never really had time for and access to.

Spock; the character played by Leonard Nimoy was also available to Indians in “The Original Series” on Doordarshan sometime in the 80s. Warp signatures, matter-antimatter mixes and some invented tech talk are more comprehensible now; but Trek is fascinating purely due to its mix of strange new worlds, the transporter and interestingly imagined starships.

Vulcan (Star Trek)

Visit Vulcan (Star Trek) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Set nearly a hundred years before Kirk’s adventures; Star Trek Enterprise deals with the early years of fictional human space exploration. If governments on the planet could ever get together to build a Starfleet-like Federation, it would indeed be a great achievement.

Although he lacks the charisma of Kirk; and Picard’s staid, sober approach; Archer seemed to be the most human of captains. A Vulcan female T’Pol seems to have been inserted to increase TRPs, but the most realistic acting is definitely done by the Chief Engineer Tucker and the Andorian.

Picking up pace in an interesting fourth season; the show was cancelled before it could morph into a more evolved avatar. Personally; I would have liked a few more different stories; but what goes on in American TV networks is inexplicable and their business.

A new Star Trek series Discovery will air early next year; which will apparently be episodic. If Star Trek could somehow transcend its American mythology, and become a more universal(in earth terms) show; then it could be even more appealing to its fans. For now; Jai Bajrang Bali. Spock agrees.


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