St. Arnab And The Dragon

By Sunil Kumar

With International Yoga Day out of the way; and Lalitgate still raging on; it is time to investigate the curious phenomenon of St. Arnab and the Dragon. Christian theology equates the dragon with evil; an all-encompassing phenomenon which threatens Indian polity like no other thing on the planet.

While the nation definitely wants to know why numerous scams often assail our ethical backbone;

self- appointed saints often hamper progress. When Times Now goes all preachy with overblown lectures on morality; and often attacks the Aam Aadmi party; it has no qualms about accepting money from the Delhi government to show ads at primetime.

English: Republic day celebrations. and follow...

English: Republic day celebrations. and following beating retreat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know if this would ever be possible; but St. Arnab needs to tone down his permanent affliction of sanctimonious preachiness; it is as detrimental to inner peace as all the gangrapes; attacks on journalists and a million other false newsbytes generated on a daily basis. A sense of balance is missing from the daily news cycle; and even if sensationalism is equated with news and permanent viewer engagement; self-regulation should fit in with the hallowed agendas and false pedestals that all our noble editors sit on.

 I honestly want a better India to emerge after the mythical dragon is slain by real and imagined saints; and a genuine sense of entitlement to every individual. The debate of rich-vs-poor; class struggle; socialism with its unpromised land vis-a-vis capitalism and its pockets of affluence is an eternal one; and cannot be resolved unless we mutate to something absolutely different.

The national capital elected a cabal of pretentious saints to the throne; in the smug self-serving belief that this would prove to be a viable alternative to the brotherhood in saffron(nothing wrong with colours; mate?). Can skimming over ground realities really serve national interest? Unlike Western idioms with its rather simplistic and violent tales of good-vs-evil; India has always been spewing voluminous stories; intense, human, infinitely tragic brushed aside with the masterstroke of time; and a general human failing; selfishness and apathy.

For the country’s sake;  good governance for all should be the utmost priority of this and every government across India.  This is a nation that gave birth to the world’s most compassionate teacher; the Buddha; and it is indeed sad that we follow a starkly non-introspective agenda.



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