Why did Sanjay Gandhi slap Indira six times at a dinner party?

By Sunil Kumar

This is a famous story about Indira Gandhi and Sanjay reported by Washington Post Journalist Lewis M. Simmons. Supposed to have happened some time before the Emergency in 1975. Also mentioned by various media; and Vinod Mehta and Coomi Kapoor’s books.

According to the journalist; he had to pay a heavy price for breaking this story. Reporting on the most powerful family in the country meant that he was bundled out of India in no time. Armed police took him to the immigration office; where his papers were processed; a U.S Embassy official put Simmons on a plane to Bangkok.

Sanjay Gandhi

Visit sunil-kumar.co.in Sanjay Gandhi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If this story is true; and not invented gossip; it is certainly shocking for Indian public opinion that Sanjay slapped his mother, Indira. But; according to most journalists/commentators of the time; the younger son wielded a lot of power with the Prime Minister; and she did most things according to his whims and fancies.

We can only speculate whether this was concerning his wife; Maneka;father, brother, sister-in-law or a political/business venture.

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