Salvation Under The Dome

By Sunil Kumar

If there is one thing India does not lack in; it is a multiplicity of godmen; and a surfeit of religion. Spirituality is one of our most famous exports; and the world rightly looks up to us as a guide.

But; like everything in the world; there should be a healthy degree of skepticism; no excessive blind faith and superstition in any religious practice. Can we create a world devoid of hypocrisy in a genuine search for truth? Probably not; human existence seems to be devoid of a real path to a supreme existential truth; the primary goal of all religion; or maybe they are all flawed in some sense.


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Can science give this fundamental human yearning complete closure? Truth and beauty are evident in scientific constructs; with the building blocks of nature somewhat unraveled with the curiosity of a million enterprising scientific minds. Has the drink evaporated; while we are clutching at straws? Is there reality and salvation beyond this dome; or is everything merely the result of superlative imaginations?


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