Qra Answers Continued: Why doesn’t any media criticize Ambedkar ever?

By Sunil Kumar

Another Quora answer to a question on Dr. B.R Ambedkar.


It is not politically convenient to criticize Dr. Ambedkar. So all parties are planning to co-opt him for their own agenda. For what it’s worth; there should be healthy debate on everything; then we’ll have real freedom of speech.

English: This Picture is the Portrait of Dr.B....

Visit sunil-kumar.co.in English: This Picture is the Portrait of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar seen as very young Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But unless you want to risk tensions and widespread rioting; Ambedkar will remain a holy cow. The mainstream media is in a superficial cocoon of its own making; and it does not want to dig up any unpleasantness; lest it creates more trouble; primarily for themselves.

Recently; Paswan’s son mentioned that quotas even among Dalits should be on the basis of economics; and more affluent sections among SC/STs should give up reservations.

I’m sure Dr. Ambedkar would have agreed that the was a stop-gap solution. Prakash Ambedkar; grandson of B.R Ambedkar stated in an interview that Dr. Ambedkar agreed to reservations believing that they would come to an end in 1957. He was against all sections of people; even the Left. As Ambedkar saw it, Communists were blind to caste oppression. He spoke up for the worth of private property and money, he defended constitutionalism against the “the dictatorship of the proletariat” that the Left sought.

According to him; real change would come only after mindsets could be altered.

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