What are personal relations like between Maneka Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi?

By Sunil Kumar

The world’s largest democracy; and its most chequered and celebrated family; the two main Gandhi women; are as different as chalk and cheese.

Although; they share the same profession; politics; their long history and relationship with the Indian people courtesy the Congress Party began four decades back. Sonia became Rajiv’s wife in 1968; and Maneka Anand; still a teenager donned a towel for a modeling assignment catching the eye of the younger son of the Prime Minister. Sanjay and Maneka were married via a civil ceremony at the house of Mohammed Yunus; a diplomat and family friend in 1974. His son Adil Shahryar was later released from a criminal conviction by the U.S(Reagan administration) at Rajiv Gandhi’s personal intervention, another mystery.

Visit sunil-kumar.co.in Maneka and Sonia Gandhi

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Maneka and Sonia Gandhi


Visit sunil-kumar.co.in  Maneka and Sonia Gandhi

Visit sunil-kumar.co.in
Maneka and Sonia Gandhi

In contrast to a more homely Sonia; who became the ideal, obedient daughter-in-law; Maneka was married to the more flamboyant Sanjay; and according to spicy gossip columnists; did not know how to cook; disliked the sobriety of the Gandhi household; had a fiery temperament and political leanings from the beginning, incurring the wrath of the mother-in-law Mrs. Indira.

A doting mother; Indira was contained until the death of Sanjay in 1980. According to Khushwant Singh; who was a close friend of Maneka’s mother; this prompted Indira to throw Maneka out of her house; a fact covered in the newspapers of her time. Rajiv Gandhi becoming the Prime Minister, his subsequent assassination; and Sonia becoming the Congress President came later; as we know. Also Maneka joined the BJP; the antithesis of the Congress in 2004.

According to Lutyen’s insiders; there is considerable bitterness between these warring factions of the Nehru-Gandhi clan, There was a proxy war; even on subjects such as the control of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library. Their relationship has been strained; although for public consumption, Maneka and Sonia always assert that it is business as usual.



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