The Oscars 2014

By Sunil Kumar

Every year; usually on my birthday(also of Jobs, Jan Koum, Jaya Amma etc); the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts And Sciences in Beverly Hills, California hands out the Oscars; synonymous with movie-making around the world. But this year the ceremony is going to be on March 3rd; and the contenders in the fray are movies such as Gravity, Captain Phillips, 12 Years A Slave, Nebraska, Her, The Wolf of Wall Street etc.

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So, here’s my take on the possible winners; since I’ve watched a few of the competing movies.

Trends indicate that the Wolf of Wall Street and 12 Years A Slave are going to have a field day; only a short review on the ones I watched.

Gravity: Space; the final frontier. Dazzling graphics; but boring story. Although Sandra Bullock acts wonderfully in many movies; some far better than this one; the movie’s non-stop focus on technology gets a bit jarring. I like movies with a lot more character and story; so yeah that sums it up.

Captain Phillips: Hollywood takes very different offbeat subjects and transforms them into a heroic saga. Although they can never match the visceral melodrama and sheer emotions of India; the obvious slickness is a fact known globally. As the Captain; Tom Hanks came across a determined soul; but the true story indicates that in the actual ship; the Captain was a universally reviled chap; and the heroism on display was exhibited by other members of the crew; especially the Chief Engineer.(Read media reports). All in all; the movie was an engaging watch.

12 Years A Slave: Ugh; I know the West is Wild; brutal. Many other movies; recently Tarantino’s “Django Unchained“. But; this one is unrelenting. Directed by British African Steve Mcqueen; the movie was too torturous to watch.

The Wolf of Wall Street: Di Caprio is going to win; a lot of people believe; and based on the strength of his usual semi-malevolent rules; a likely possibility. The “Setting” Bhai of Wall Street may get some Oscars under its tux(sleeve; whatever).

American Hustle: With the bling and  hairstyles in the Tristate Area; this reminded me of “Once Upon A Time in Mumbai” sans our local macho man Ajay Devgan. The movie is supposed to be in the reckoning but poof; even this one wasn’t that much of a game-changer; impact wise. The real shabang; the gut-wrenching, soul-shaking Hollywood saga was missing in this one. Summed it up.

That’s the blog post for the day. Ciao Ciao For Now!




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