An Ode To Identity: Kitne Pakistan

By Sunil Kumar

Events in the past few days have convinced me of the fact that the people who forget history are condemned to repeat it. Noted Hindi film-writer Kamleshwar has created a poignant masterpiece that tugs at the very edges of humanity and history.

English: Photo of Hindi writer Kamleshwar (193...

Visit English: Photo of Hindi writer Kamleshwar (1932 – 2007), from U.S. Library of Congress South Asian Literary Recordings Project (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A daily debate rages between the Nehruvian concept of secularism and the Anglicized media’s favorite bete noire; the RSS. While the rest of the world also plays a daily cat-and-mouse game with the green monster of Islamic fundamentalism. In my opinion; M.K Gandhi was not the sole leader of the independence movement; and the relentless onslaught of self-destructive narrative and vindictiveness that a pretentious media elite have foisted on our mindscape. The vania(bania) needed to be buried firmly in the past; along with his hackneyed religious notions that nobody using his name follows. Conveniently sidestepping the real reason for India’s existential angst is polarising opinions further. V.K Singh’s presstitutes are adding fuel to the fire; in fact they are the ones who should be tried for sedition; inciting violence seems to be an intentionally unintentional consequence of their fulminations against the Indian republic.

In hallowed pretentious newsrooms; we are subjected to half-baked morality and conveniently framed abuses doctored to sadistically malign the idea of the republic. News debates seem to be feeding egos; animus against a political party or the ownership is seeking to scuttle the very idea of India. Twitter trends proudly proclaim; “#Iamantinational”; with some sort of vague underlying black satire; a class consciousness inverted; brown wogs seemingly kotowing to an alien master. The schizophrenic paranoia of the nation’s identity is reflected in the fact that the author of “Saare Jahan Se Accha”; the Kashmiri Sapru(no Iqbal) was the ideological father of the Islamic theocracy of Pakistan.

English: Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru

English: Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The state of the moronic union is couched in wonderful platitudes; over-reaction from both sides of the fence; real issues conveniently brushed aside in a bare-knives battle. Kamleshwar’s wonderful novel discusses the story of humanity and India; pointing figures at nobody; but bringing them in a court where the writer is the judge. The “adeeb” discusses humanity’s foibles; and at the same time allows every historical figure from the ancient past right down to the present day breathing space; explaining to the author why they possibly did what they had to. For those with the patience to wade through Kamleshwar’s discursive analysis of history; global but largely Indian; a rewarding treasure trove of information reveals itself.

The study of India's first Prime Minister

The study of India’s first Prime Minister (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kanhaiya Kumar could very well have been protesting against Brahminical ideology or the perceived tyranny of another world-view; but the forum used; a university was not ideal; and if this man is really patriotic or even a patch on a real socialist such as Bhagat Singh; he would have used his better sense to not create more instability in India.

“Kitne Pakistan” talks about the divisions of the mind; warped cancerous divisions that lead to more breaks; the horrid idea of a moth-eaten land of the impure; something which Jinnah and the State of Gujarat seem to have gifted the rest of a great nation. Everybody else is equally culpable; but I think the adamant mix of humility, arrogance and hypocrisy needs to be mentioned.

Respect seems to a mutually convenient coterie; sleeping with the enemy a desired attribute. If we lived in less enlightened times; Octavian would have certainly described enemies of Rome as “whores” and “traitors”. As for India; patriotism is an undesirable extension of the mind; another fancy word; “jingoism” seems to put  plebeian slaves at ease; firmly secure in sanctified bullying; approved by Indian humanity’s greatest well wishers; the Western intellectual and an alien language; English. Actually; nobody could care less.

I love litfests; pompous discussions pretending to make us more enlightened; sponsored affairs that sell more books for privileged folk; a certain class of unabashedly fawning fans that only make me recoil in disgust. The old and the new; a crass intermingling of money and power; and latent self-respect. All for today; to the next blog.



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