Is Obama Weak, Black Coffee?

By Sunil Kumar

In an age of the selfie and the media byte; Barack Obama is the most mentioned and reviled President America ever had. So; when Israeli Judy Mozes compares him to weak; black coffee; it is time to take some notice. The White House chose to comment; showing schisms in the relationship with its greatest satellite state; Israel.

His passage to India this January was not without incident. Residents of the national capital had to put up with a fortress-like situation when the most powerful man in the world came visiting; and he left with a semi-hypocritical message aimed at India’s ruling dispensation. Eagerly lapped up a pretentiously fawning media setup that is understandably thrilled whenever any visiting dignitary points out warts in crumbling woodwork; Obama’s brief interlude in India was a temporary blip in Washington’s self-centred radar screen.

Often under attack by a setup which is inherently race-driven; the US President’s remarkable rise to power and subsequent re-election showed a certain charisma which resonated with sections of the American population. But his global policies; tempered with a certain non-violent resolve seem to have proved counterproductive. Although Obama’s ethical fibre is much stronger than white Jewish war-mongers such as Henry Kissinger; his geopolitical strategy and decisiveness leave a lot to be desired.

A weaker America and a more aggressive China make the world a more dangerous place; regardless of what peaceniks on our side often advocate. A peaceful status quo with China is in India’s best interests; but the belligerent land of Sun Tzu in its new found global avatar is always scheming with “iron friend” Pakistan to bleed this country with a further thousand cuts.

The U.S.A will get rid of this President in a year; but the Indian subcontinent will have to grapple with the legacy of reduced involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq; and the rise of the most savage bunch of terrorists the world has ever known. Decisiveness and effectively obliterating the threat in the Middle East could have been an A+ on Obama’s report card; but he seems to be enjoying the perks of office; apart from rounds of golf on some sylvan greens.

Russia; a shrewdly opportunistic global player; could have been effectively used by Obama in countering radicalism in the Middle East; but Barack seems to be content with token symbolism; something India’s politicians have saddled us with for decades. The United States and Britain have been instrumental in creating the Frankenstein of jehadism; so it is time that they stood up squarely to face the dark spectre of their monstrous creation. The Jewish state of Israel has often pursued inhuman, barbaric policies; but then the neigbourhood is not that civilized. Compared to Zionist supremacy; Hindu India can bask in an angelic glow.

If he doesn’t make a stronger brew; then weak, black coffee is a “moniker” Obama may be implicitly stuck with for the rest of his life. Play it again; Uncle Sam.


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