Who are the Nolambas?

By Sunil Kumar

The Nolambas were a relatively minor South Indian dynasty compared to the big guns; the Cholas, Chalukyas, the Vijaynagara empire etc. They ruled from 735 to 1052 A.D.

Their political influence extended from their capital Hemavati in a broad swathe from the southwest to the southeast; with parts of modern eastern Karnataka, western Andhra Pradesh and northern Tamil Nadu. The remnants of their Shaivite(Shiva-worshipper) kingdom is in a village Hemavati, close to Hindupur; from Penukonde to Anantpur.

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They ruled over the Nolambapadi which normally included Tumkur, Chitradurg and Kolar, Bellary and Bangalore area. In the tenth century their kingdom included the Salem and South Arcot districts also. Mangala is heard of as the first king of this dynasty according to the Hemavati inscriptions.

His son Simha Pottan was a feudatory of Sivamara, the Ganga. The Gangas as well as the Nolambas were defeated and reduced to subordination by Govinda III Rashtrakuta.

As long as the Rasthrakutas were strong; the Nolambas flourished under their influence. But after their collapse the Nolamba Dynasty lost its influence and their power waned. Nolambas were overrun by the Ganga king Marasimha, who is claimed to have destroyed the Nolamba family and had the title Nolambakulantaka.

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