How did the name Moriarty come about; for Sherlock’s ultimate rival?

By Sunil Kumar

My answers continued;

Here’s another psycho-babble version of why the name Moriarty came about. This is from the Colonial Conan Doyle by Catherine Wynne.

Viktor Yevgrafov as Professor Moriarty in Igor...

Visit Viktor Yevgrafov as Professor Moriarty in Igor Maslennikov’s TV series. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The fact that Holmes’s arch-rival; the Napoleon of crime; Moriarty is a Celtic-Irish name; is not by chance.

Conan Doyle was an Irishman by descent and religion on both sides of his family; but he identified himself most stoutly in his behaviour with the prototype of an English gentleman and upheld the English side to the end in a struggle between the English and Ireland.

His paternal grandfather, John Doyle, had originally left Ireland for London in the early 19th century; his father was committed to the cause of Irish separatism; and his uncle resigned from his position as main cartoonist for Punch after the journal launched an attack on the Pope. Consequently, British imperialism, Irish nationalism, and Catholic allegiance converge uneasily in his works.

The writer’s personal angst led him to create the name “Moriarty”.



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