What is Moriarty’s past? What could have turned him into the brilliant criminal villain that we know of in Sherlock Holmes?

By Sunil Kumar

According to the stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle; Moriarty is a man of good birth and excellent education; endowed with a phenomenal mathematical faculty.

When he was 21; he wrote a treatise on the Binomial theorem; which became famous in Europe. The author goes on to mention in the words of the cerebral Sherlock Holmes in “The Final Problem” that Moriarty had hereditary tendencies of an evil/diabolical kind; which led to him exiting the University town.


Arthur Conan Doyle Español: Arthur Conan Doyle...

Arthur Conan Doyle Español: Arthur Conan Doyle Deutsch: Arthur Conan Doyle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a cunning figure described as “The Napoleon of Crime”; Arthur Conan Doyle did not give further details. But it’s easy to construct backstories; and I’ve seen a few in different cinematic versions such as “The Young Sherlock Holmes”. So; anything you fancy; his ancestors could have been pirates or villains in the Tudor court; Germans/Frenchmen/Persians/South Indian or Sikh princes.

One thing is certain according to the stories; Sherlock Holmes and his investigation irked Moriarty enough to get his henchmen to try and kill the detective. Moriarty could also have been jilted by some famous beauty and his villainous tendencies increased after that.

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