The Modi-Arnab Talk Show

By Sunil Kumar

As the nation including me wants to know what will happen on 16th May; there was critical anticipation on the Modi interview with Arnab Goswami; latent heat and intellect(Bong self-inflaming puchka) against the Vadnagar grocer; Prof. Modiarty; dhokla and mirchi “bhai” Modi.



Map of India showing location of Gujarat

Visit Map of India showing location of Gujarat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Visit English: Vectorized version of Seal of Government of Gujarat used by the state government for public notices in the press and for publicity purposes. The emblem of India is the image used on the India wikipedia article. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Given Goswami’s last confrontation with Rahul Gandhi left the nation aghast(for the sheer idiocy on display(I’m not going to venture to mention “who was in question”); Modi was going to be a different ballgame. So; did Modi dodge the Arnab yorker and curveball? To a large extent; yes. He even managed to send a few questions into the sands; a distant dugout! Arnab Goswami sometimes manages to touch upon topics of public interest; but often manages to irritate with his strident self-righteous domineering.

However; he appeared visibly cowed by Modi’s “Gujju” bluster; and did not give a proper response when Shri Bhai correctly mentioned that he could research Bangladesh; send a Times Now team to investigate the plight of the nation’s minorities.

If objectivity was a cardinal principle in your brain’s TRP-gaining ethos(you managed to get the relevant interest quotient); it is incumbent on Goswami not to give short shrift to the majority in this country; 80% of the population; split into multiple castes, religions and sycophantic beliefs. Modi also mentioned that land in Kutch(the Mundra area) is less costlier than Ahmedabad; Sanand etc which are quite close. This is a fact that is conveniently ignored by the whole spectrum of Modi-baiters including the Grand Old Khapgress; and the dharnafied leader of the Aam Aadmi Party.


If Modi”ji” becomes the PM of the Country; then foreign policy and his dealings with our troubled neighborhood would be under constant scrutiny. Also; he will have to contend with whatever dynamics and equations evolve over a period of time. Arnab put only a few of these questions; which Modi deftly did not commit to. He raised a pertinent fact about inflation; job creation; that will definitely resonate with voters. As in everything with India; whether election debate and social championing manages to translate into something concrete remains to be seen. Until then; we’ve got the spectre of the daily charade which will be forgotten in some time.



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