The Media”Cracy” Of Thought

By Sunil Kumar

Pun intended. The last few years have seen an explosion of information; a surfeit of excess unlike anything ever in human history. Has more awareness led to something new; a constructive change? Yes; and maybe no at times.

This is a "thought bubble". It is an...

Visit This is a “thought bubble”. It is an illustration depicting thought. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sifting grain

Visit Sifting grain (Photo credit: World Bank Photo Collection)

Georja Calvin Smith, Africa News Presenter, Fr...

Visit Georja Calvin Smith, Africa News Presenter, France 24 (Photo credit: OECD Development Centre)

Shouting television news anchors have made me wonder about the “media”cracy of thought. Every individual; including those now in the hallowed roles of arbiters and decision-makers seem to sometimes lead a lynch mob of horrendous proportions. The truth may lie somewhere in between; but individual proclivities and ideas do seep through in the macabre dance of “My voice is bigger than yours”(Hence the TRP; and sometimes the consequent misinterpretation of ideas and opinions).

Info”tainment” seems to result in shouting and slanging matches; and no closer to the solution than before. Pet peeves left aside; the actual ethics of this drama is zilch. Like all of you; I a citizen of the democratic republic also do like to see my name plastered on the top. But; the rather blatant intrusion and judgmental aspect of the “media”cracy makes me squirm.

Silently; behind the scenes; we see business interests gobbling up news outlets; changing the very fabric of ideas and information. Is the truth served to us; or really a mirage of money; and individual paranoia? Sift through the clutter and judge for yourself. Post for today!


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