What is the meaning of the poem “Madhushala”?

By Sunil Kumar

The poet Harivanshrai Bachchan attempted to explain the complexity of life; using the symbolism of the Madhushala(The Tavern).

'Madhushala hardcover edition'

Visit sunil-kumar.co.in Madhushala hardcover edition’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A book of 135 quatrains(4 lines) or Ruba’i; inspired by Persian Omar Khayyam; Madhushala was published in 1935; resulting in some fame for Harivanshrai.

It is a philosophical meandering into life’s many different layers; using the symbolism of the wine-house; criticizing contemporary society and all religions. The use of poetic metaphors is an attempt to engage with a deeper reality and truth; which can be elusive or attainable.

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