Mann Ki Baat: Udta Schizophrenia And The Middle Class

By Sunil Kumar

Social inclusion; foreign trips and warped justice. As a member of the great Indian middle class; the story here is of aspirations, dreams and a vision. Infrastructure could have been instrumental in building quality of life; but the best a citizen can do is wait and watch.

A segment of a social network

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If the rich get richer; and the poor are promised cake; than what about the middle-class sandwiched somewhere? Authors; social commentators; and politicians milk this class for votes; but more attention does not seem to be paid to a section often neglected in a world focused on ideological differences between rich and poor; left and right; caste and religion.

Happiness often lies in the ordinary; mundane aspect of life beyond abstractions. Society is a collectively schizophrenic identity; conveniently sidestepping ideas and concepts that are not individually feasible. Goal for today; temporary satisfaction.



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