Joi Baba Felunath!

By Sunil Kumar

Close to the year that I was born; Satyajit Ray directed, wrote “Joi Baba Felunath“. As a cultural colossus; Ray had written the hugely popular “Feluda” series; something I had read in the English translation. All the tales in the Feluda collection held my interest; even though Sherlock Holmes and Watson had made an appearance in your humble writer’s bookshelf sometime before our dhoti-clad crusader.

Joi Baba Felunath

Visit Joi Baba Felunath (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To Conan Doyle acolytes; one of my birthdays was spent in solitary seclusion with the Holmes memorial statue close to a pub in Baker Street, London. That’s my homage to the piped domain of Victorian magnificence.

Sidney Paget: Sherlock Holmes

Visit Sidney Paget: Sherlock Holmes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This movie is in Bengali; so it can only be accessible to other people only through subtitles. More than the hero; I believe Utpal Dutt‘s stellar performance as the villain makes this movie memorable. A loud disclaimer; if you’re the type that does not like detective stories a la Sherlock Holmes or consider this subject childish; then this movie cannot possibly appeal to you. Don’t waste your time or mine; head for my other websites in cyberspace.

Sonar Kella(The Golden Fortress); Ray’s previous attempt at filming his stories explored the dark contours of past-life, sneaky villains and the mesmerizing architecture of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. The trio of Feluda, Topshe and Jatayu head out for another Bengali enclave in North India, Benares. The Ghosals report the loss of a valuable Ganesha statue to Feluda; with the prime suspect being Maganlal Meghraj; a rich Marwari Bengali businessman, played viciously by Utpal Dutt.

Varanasi’s famous ghats; the dark narrow alleys and most of the actor’s histrionic talents are used well by Ray, as well as children who have to be central to the narrative; considering his main audience were most probably supposed to be young. Along with Nayak and “Shonar Kella“; Joi Baba Felunath can sustain eyeballs for some time. Seven billion people on the planet. Depends on you. Ciao! Keep reading, mates! Hindustan Zindabad!


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