Isn’t it odd that the “Statue of Unity” has been given an English title when names like “Broach”, “Bombay”, “Baroda”, “Calcutta” and others have been removed to pacify nationalists?

By Sunil Kumar

This is a non-issue and descriptive of the trivial time-wasting frivolity modern Indians indulge in.

What else could the government have named the statue in English? Before you label me as subscribing to a particular ideology, kindly think about this in rational, not emotive terms. Or, perhaps, dislike for a certain section of the Indian political spectrum.

As for Bombay being renamed Mumbai, this was the Shiv Sena’s doing way back in 1995. Now, even foreigners refer to it by this name. And people who’ve stayed here for most of their life still use Bombay sometimes.

Calcutta was renamed as Kolkata similarly by a Communist, Leftist government for renewing pride in their ancient language Bengali, the original name of the place et al. Other examples- Madras as Chennai, Bangalore as Bengaluru etc.

If you prefer, we can call the ‘Statue of Unity’ in English as the ‘Argumentative Indian’? Does it signify in any way what the original intent of the person was? We all know that Sardar Patel along with V.P Menon was responsible for the unification and current structure of the Indian republic, regardless of what modern disputes about him are. This is an incontrovertible fact.

Whether he was a Congressman(FACT again), or the BJP is appropriating him for their own purposes(partially true) is another dispute. Do not blow up a trivial subject for futile debate.

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