Is the Wodeyar dynasty of Karnataka (Mysore) an extension of Lord Krishna’s Yadu dynasty?

By Sunil Kumar

A lot of kings, petty chieftains and politicians claim descent from the gods; or being Suryavanshi(the sun) or Chandravanshi(the moon).

You should recognise it for what it is; an attempt to instil or garner respect from the local population and divine backup for whatever the people want to do on earth. In India; Hindu/Buddhist/Jain rulers wanted support from the priests/arhants/monks etc; which gave them the legitimacy to rule.

This phenomenon is not limited to India. In the West; some kings or the Knights Templar claimed to be related to some/other Biblical figure in times gone by. Islamic rulers in India and around the world claimed descent from the Prophet’s family; his acquaintances or Caliphs.

Even tribal traditions and totally native traditions in small islands have a similar mentality. According to me; it’s just a psychological ploy that makes the ruler feel good.

Rajputs, Ahirs(former rulers in Nepal), Jadejas in Gujarat, Seuna Yadavs in Maharashtra, Ayars(Abhiras) in Tamil Nadu also claim descent from Lord Krishna. The founder of the Wodeyars; Yaduraya mentioned the same.

Considering the amount of genetic mixing and interbreeding; the claim is diluted enough as it is.

Unless you have perfect genealogical records which are themselves likely to be corrupted due to a long time period and incorrect record-keeping; no king anywhere around the world can claim something to be a fact. In that respect; even I and you could be descendants. But; we are not in the business of starting dynasties. So; take this with a pinch of salt and skepticism.

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