Is the Mumbai Mirror pro-BJP or pro-Congress?

By Sunil Kumar

The Mumbai Mirror is a Bennett Coleman publication(i.e the Times of India group – firmly under the Jain family). Media coverage is dependent on editorial stance and owner pressure(their likes and dislikes as well as proximity to power).

Have been reading the ‘Mirror’ for quite some time- and also in visit to other cities like Bangalore and Pune etc with their own editions of ‘Bangalore/Pune Mirror.

Now, my conclusion- the Mirror is firmly pro-Congress and anti the majority religion. Although, the level of invective and vitriol in publications like ‘The Wire’ and ‘Scroll’ etc(long list) against the Modi government and the BJP is larger- this tabloid incarnation leaves no stone unturned to cast stones at the BJP for every ill plaguing this nation.

I’m not saying that I support every action of the government like AADHAR enforcement or refusal to rationalize fuel prices or the rupee’s fall, but objective journalism should be balanced if it wants to promote freedom of expression.

‘Mumbai Mirror’ publishes a lot of inane nonsense like Aakar Patel’s columns which make no sense whatsoever except a cheap Gujarati sense of humour that probably appeals to the editor and the staff and is solely aimed at taking potshots at the government.

It never refrains from pointing out faults in the majority with clearly biased columnists like Nandy and some blatantly moronic Delhi lawyer. I would respect their attempt at liberalism if they objectively analyzed stupidity and disbelief in every religion and fundamentalist practice in India- including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Jainism, Sikhism etc.

Gossip dominates most days as the editor probably believes that the shenanigans of Mumbai or Delhi’s rich and connected are important enough to warrant reams of newsprint. The only rational writing I liked in this paper was Avirook Sen(writer of the Talwar book ‘Aarushi) and Ajit Ranade(who sometimes makes very interesting economic analyses) – I have met both of these people and they seemed to be balanced and genuine.

We learn from the Mirror team about how the people of the U.K were impressed by Rahul’s warmth, eloquence and personally remembering foreign journalist names and forgetting Indian ones. Other gems include huge coverage of Sonam Kapoor’s wedding or which politician/rich industrialist is dating whom. Servility is an ingrained trait in the country- and Mirror seems to be unquestioningly obedient.

Regarding them being ‘pro-people’- yes this is done on some issues and appreciated – but largely as an afterthought. It would be good for readers- if this was the major thrust of the publication. But- the group and this tabloid is probably way too arrogant to shed pretense and listen to opinions that differ from their own.

Final one line answer- Mirror is pro-Congress.

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