Is Kanhaiya Kumar misleading the people of India? How?

I agree with Abhishek Pawar’s answer. It is very surprising that Kanhaiya Kumar is enjoying some very unusual perks; such as an Iphone; travel by air, 21 lakh car to travel; and above all synchronized coordination with a fawning media; the likes of which most people cannot achieve so easily. When contacted to speak on the NIT issue in Srinagar; he refused to answer; diverting this to his media coordinator. On most other forums; he says that he doesn’t have any money or resources. He thrives on the oxygen of publicity; something he seems to have achieved by the number of answers and questions on this topic; and non-stop media attention.

Rationally; there is no other conclusion which can be derived; somebody in this country or somewhere else is fueling and funding his agitations. There is a lot of left-wing justification that he is not anti-national; but merely fighting against caste injustice; silencing critics; all of which is very real in India.

But; this is merely a case of bloated egos in the media; who cannot stomach the rise of a leader who actually tries to bring some semblance of working order in the republic. I am not saying that our present prime minister is devoid of flaws; but we can see that there is a concerted attempt to do something different.

Whereas the opposition revels in anarchy; and the great Indian tamasha with heavy duty histrionics and daily emotional manipulation continues; if he is a true patriot; Kanhaiya Kumar should indulge in some real debate. If he wants a role model in civility; who shares some elements of his ideology; Yogendra Yadav comes to mind.

Very disheartening for a tax-paying Indian citizen to see what happens on a daily level.

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