By Sunil Kumar

“Who among us has never looked up into the heavens on a starlit night, lost in wonder at the vastness of space and the beauty of the stars?”-  Jeb Bush

For those who have the time and the curiosity; space is a place of infinite distances; and boundless mysteries. But; then mundane earthly matters are a more pressing concern. Christopher Nolan movies are remarkably abstruse; not easily accessible; and generally confusing. Except for “The Dark Knight“; wonder why Nolan wants to make movie fans keep scratching their heads.

Personally; I love the soap opera of “Star Trek“; science fiction and anything with space is thrilling; but “Interstellar” was a slight let-down in that genre. The ideas are amazing; wormholes; five dimensions; tesseracts and time dilation. The movie however seems remarkably contrived; and none of the characters really manage to leave an imprint.

Humanity may need an alternate home in the stars; but as long as there is global strife; the move towards another frame of reference is still light-years off. With billions of worlds in the universe; the probability of earth being the only technologically capable civilization seems rather strange. If there are any aliens out there; do not conform to the Hollywood stereotype; the horrendous visualization of green men with tentacles for arms. 

“Interstellar” has remarkable CGI; but then that’s a given in practically every other movie these days. It probably needs a rocket scientist to figure out that Cooper(Matthew McConaughey) wants to relay information on the naked singularity to his daughter so that she can complete Brand(Caine)’s equation and evacuate earth. Cooper wakes up remarkably young; single and ready to mingle; while his daughter is now a very old matron who wants him to reconnect with Amelia Brand; who is lost in Edmund’s world; with frozen embryos to ensure humanity’s survival.

The only positive message this film can give is rekindle interest in science; and maybe different space agencies around the world; including governments and private enterprise can search for another home in the stars. Planet Earth can sustain only so many individuals; and maybe the world needs another place which we can use collectively. If Nolan can make a less boring movie; and give us a little more thrills and chills; Dark Knight style; then it could be a real treat.

But then; that’s just my opinion. Peace Out!


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