In the early days of colonialism; who was the Briton with multiple wives?

By Sunil Kumar

The question is slightly incorrectly framed; as some historians have mentioned that when the East Indian company had just started to make inroads into India; interracial marriage was quite common. So; there must have been multiple contenders with many Indian wives.

The early Britons were clearly inspired by the local kings, nawabs and majorly the Mughals with their extensive harems. As Shashi Tharoor had mentioned in one of his lectures; India’s wealth exceeded the 10 biggest kingdoms in Europe combined in the 16th century.

But; the answer you may be looking for is David Octherlony; known for his Indian mannerisms and 12 wives; with whom he went around on an elephant in Kashmere Gate; now(Old Delhi). He also fought for the British against the Marathas who had attacked under the able leadership of Yeshwantrao Holkar who had attempted to unite the multiple kings of the time against the foreign invader.

If you want to read more on Octherlony and his multiple wives; here are a few links;

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