If India had actively participated in WW2, would India have been a developed country just like how the WWs made US a superpower?

By Sunil Kumar

If India had been an independent country; and part of the winning side- The Allies; then it may have made some difference to India’s standing- mostly political and not economic. Another big if- as an independent country; we should have had wise leaders who would be able to capitalize on this and not just give away leverage to other countries.

Secondly; as a colonized country; India contributed a lot to the fighting forces in World War II against its will- many historians have attested to this fact. Indian soldiers were used extensively in both World War I and II; but Britain reneged on its promises and instead perpetrated the Rowlatt Act and the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in 1919.

Gandhi had supported the British in WWI; but he launched the “Quit India” movement in 1942; during the Second World War. But since Britain controlled all of India’s finances; it used both money and resources from India as usual to bolster its own defences against Nazi Germany, aid the Greeks and its own soldiers; let the Bengal famine happen in 1943; and provided no help to Indians fleeing from Burma in 42 after the Japanese conquest.

At the time of Independence; Britain was in massive debt and owed a major sum to India. So; I don’t think any great benefit would accrue to India by (even more than it was forced to)active participation in World War II; unless it was a free country; and even then; benefits are debatable.

Sunil K Kumar

Sunil K Kumar

President & CTO, Aglaia Int. World Marketing Cong- Top 50 digital mktg firms

President&CTO at Aglaia Interactive

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