Hard Choices V/s Blood Feud

By Sunil Kumar

Politics is a murky game; especially in democracies where it is akin to a new-age “durbar”. So here’s some info from the glitziest one in the world; the United States. It’s Hillary Clinton’s sanitized version of reality vis-a-vis Edward Klein‘s “sleaze tells all” version of an intense feud between the Obamas and the Clintons.

Why should we bother? American foreign policy seems to have worldwide impact; and Hillary Clinton could become the next President; as the future of the former New York Senator hangs in the balance. In “Hard Choices”; Clinton tells he official version of the story; with the usual nod to values; the American Dream and the Hollywood spin on life; along with her favorite movie; “A League of Their Own”. Bill Clinton seems to fancy “High Noon” by the way.

Reading “Blood Feud” may conjure up images of slithery snakes in Washington and Capitol Hill; the kind of company Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood may enjoy. For all our “desi” commentators fixating on the shadowy corridors of power in the national capital Delhi; Washington seems to be a trickier affair; coupled with the Yank fixation on sex; drugs and rock’n’roll.

Indians; all of us who live in “Bharat”; do make an appearance as contributors to the Democrat cause; especially the Clintons; and also the Obamas. If Hillary becomes the next President; media from all around the world will analyze and regurgitate information from yesterday; giving us insight into the leader.

In “Hard Choices”; Clinton speaks about her childhood growing up as reasonably middle class in the South Side of Chicago. According to her; she was quite tough and resilient even as a four-year old when bullied by somebody in the neighbourhood. However; if we were to believe the author of “Blood Feud”; Hillary Clinton is short-tempered and bashed up many people; growing up. He also paints a picture of intense hatred between the Clintons and the Obamas; and also injects the “race card”.

To her credit; Clinton’s memoirs only talk about the 2008 Democrat nomination battle; and her role as Secretary of State; along with the usual sugar-sweet ode to valor. America’s kowtowing to the Islamic world is described in both books. However while Clinton may term it as “strategic pragmatism”; Klein seems to put every mistake at Obama‘s doorstep. Maybe we can detect a strong sense of negativity from this author; who is known to peddle saucy gossip and “hearsay”.

Some of the facts do match up to what Klein’s book talks about. Even according to Hillary; the Clintons were heavily in “debt” after the end of his Presidency; and are now multimillionaires due to astronomical sums paid to the family for every speaking engagement. There’s a presidential library and an airport named after Clinton in his former home state; Arkansas and he is still up there in global recognition.

Official portrait of Secretary of State Hillar...

Visit sunil-kumar.co.in Official portrait of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although “Hard Choices” depicts Clinton in strictly “black and white” terms; Klein’s narrative depicts a power-hungry vixen; the kind we are accustomed to seeing in America’s prolific television and film industry. Understandably; if she wants to take the yellow brick road to the White House; all sordid details need to be airbrushed so we can get the “Good Witch” instead of the “Wicked Witch of the West” that Klein describes.

While “Hard Choices” talks about stoic resilience; Klein seems to revel in talking about a pushy, nasty Hillary and a bumbling, inconsequential Obama as the President of arguably; the most powerful country. The truth is not for me to judge; it is for people at large to decipher; especially the ones most concerned; the Americans.

What’s selling more? “Blood Feud” seems to have overtaken Hillary Clinton’s authorized memoir; which in itself makes a point. As for what actually happens over there in the next few years; time will tell.


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