What happens if Mumbai is the capital of India?

By Sunil Kumar
If Mumbai is the capital of India; then it will become a centre for political wheeling-dealing much like Delhi. Also; new infrastructure will have to be created for every different state and Maharashtra will have to shed its regional outlook.

Strategically; our enemies now have missiles that can target most of the country; so if you want a really secure capital; it should be somewhere in the hinterland for delaying incoming enemy moves and be suitably fortified.

English: Mumbai, India

Visit sunil-kumar.co.in English: Mumbai, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since most of India and the subcontinent seems to be enamoured of Mumbai due to the movies and its commercial buzz; “filmi” theatrics will become even more popular across the country.

The President and Prime Minister will be attending Ganeshotsavs and film premieres some times and the boring official receptions in Delhi will be a thing of the past. Also; no grand Republic Day Parades, annoying political demonstrations and no-reason dharnas. Seriously, Mumbai does not have enough space, cultural context and legacy to become the capital of India.

If you really want another capital; it should be an absolutely new gleaming city somewhere in the hinterland. Capitals need to be a window to the governance and political structures of any country; which is why infrastructure is created.


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