What happens at the end of the Five Orange Pips?

By Sunil Kumar

Thanks, Shubham. The Five Orange Pips is a story that I read a long time back.

The story about John Openshaw and his racist uncle Elias who goes to the US; becomes a Colonel for the Confederate States, starts a plantation in Florida and then comes back to England is marked by the ominous presence of the KKK(Ku Klux Klan).

By the end; it is clear that Holmes has deduced that the murderers of Openshaw; his father Joseph and uncle Elias were due to the papers that they deemed insignificant; and some deep relation with the KKK(whether this was monetary or some evidence; Conan Doyle did not mention in great detail).

Also; looking at the Lloyds registers; Holmes realizes that the murderers on a ship which is traveling from East London(a bigger port in Victorian times) to Dundee; Scotland and then further to Savannah, Georgia(major one in the American South).

Holmes plans to scare Calhoun using his own methods(S.H for J.0); and also informs the police in Savannah about the captain and his associates who are wanted for murder in the U.K. However; nature intervenes and the Lone Star sinks before it ever reaches America.

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