How Green Was My Valley

By Sunil Kumar

Another chapter in the drama of Kashmir has been written in part by the Modi-Mufti combine. Even if we do not have declarations of a 1000-year war from the other side of the border; the CM of a state in the Indian union feels it right to endorse our arch-enemy and thanks terrorists for their co-operation.

At Wardha Railway Station, Maulana Azad, Achar...

Visit At Wardha Railway Station, Maulana Azad, Acharya Kripalani, Sardar Patel, Subhash Bose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

PM Modi needs to introspect truthfully if he does not face the charge of conning the Hindu majority in Jammu. We have not elected a wily Gujarati to the highest position in the land for appeasement. Shri Jaitley is curiously silent on this issue; accustomed to his loud antics in Parliament in opposition; this is a strange volte-face.

The Prime Minister would be insulting one of his icons; the lawyer-cum-iron man from Godhra; Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel if he does not uphold the national integrity of the Union. Gujarat is not all of India; and this country certainly is not homogenous. All his interesting ideas and plans for economic progress will languish if he gets embroiled in such vexed, confusing issues. Separatists are scum; and India’s chief offence officer Arnab Goswami may agree.

Attachment to power is certainly a trait all political parties share; even if they outwardly espouse the hypocritical veneer of Gandhian flip-flops. National identity should not revolve around a few key figures; even if it almost always strays down that end. Kashmir; once the cradle of ancient India’s intellectual civilization is a cancerous limb; with the tumor of unrest spreading outwards.

The national media; although right to castigate Modi; seems to be a mute spectator. The political elite; in which he had lost all hope; seemed to be in for a short resurrection with the new Prime Minister. But his tacit support for anti-Hindu and anti-national activities will alienate his core voter base; most of whom are tarnished unfairly by a sold; sleazy; self-important 24×7 news setup.

The Aam Aadmi Party; now sometimes referred to as the Arvind Aadmi Party; is not impervious to the disease of power; proving in short; the dangerous effects of so-called “public” service. The Prime Minister is certainly aware of the potentially explosive nature of the Kashmir issue; but if he allows mere power-clinging to cloud his judgment; it will be again sad for India.

We hope Modi displays more of his resolve and sharp judgment; to create a better future for the state of Jammu and Kashmir; and the country.



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