The Great Indian Wog

By Sunil Kumar

For most of my existence; I have been surrounded by the Great Indian Wog. All of us eat curry; including me. Fans of historical trivia may have heard of Macaulay; the Englishman who established universities in India to create brown sahibs; the type who sucked up to the white man(read Briton); and generally be useful.

Sanskrit, science, pseudo-secularism and the right wing; the force-fed genre of media”cracy” has now permeated my consciousness. Maybe I love to loathe my roots; and hurry on to the next thing; impervious to poverty, cleanliness, general decency and the rule of law.

I speak the strange language of crass America; it’s aspiration, remember. With my limited understanding of India’s history; its multiple traditions and rich history of scientific thought; I mock and belittle everything I come across. Werner Heisenberg‘s quantum theory may have been inspired by the Hindu shastras; but then it’s sickening for me to acknowledge that anything could be remotely connected to India. It’s my open-mindedness; and respect for every culture except my own.

The office I work in is full of people like me; the smoking, drinking version of inspired trash. I have an unusual sense of morality; maybe I could have improvised it on the go; altering it at my own convenience. Quite good; don’t you think? I am unduly self-righteous; using some half-baked coarse Yankee management jargon; teach everybody the virtue of teams; and violate the whole thing at any time. Boo Hoo!

I’m a rich person by the way; but I’d like to get things out of other people. I serve myself. I’m the modern Indian; the great wog-in-chief.


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