The Great Indian Vote


By Sunil Kumar



The last few months have seen a barrage of messages; leading to the most contentious election ever. The true face of 2014 India has come to the fore; with all the murky debates; counter accusations, closet communalism and overt denials. The politics of the over-wrought and the absurd. After reading a colossal amount of opinions; finally D-Day arrives. I set out to the voting booth set up next to a newly constructed management institution; part of the partially academic and inane educational system of our great nation.



Winding lines everywhere; mercifully no people standing in the booth I’m heading to. Glancing at the roster of hopefuls; I realize that their addresses are plastered along with their names. The media has informed me about everybody; so I know their assets; political beliefs and their ideologies; sans their addresses.


Politics is surely a powerful whore; the addresses support my logic. Many of the candidates despite their antecedents stay in the plushest parts of town; from the betel leaf to Blah-Blah Hill. (or was it Bolaba, Duckanji or Malabar). The largest election in human history; even one vote is a catalyst; significant in itself. Symbolism is important in life; for everybody. In the end; the vote is an anti-climax. Pressed the button quickly and moved on. My vote for the day! Abki Baar; Kiski Sarkaar!









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