Governance, Anarchy And Hypocrisy

By Sunil Kumar

The country is close to its sixty fourth republic day. Even though we have achieved a substantial amount in all these years; governance these days has been reduced to a daily charade; a chronic dystopian version of the truth; where endless debates clutter the horizon and true change can be only thought about fleetingly.

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The Aam Aadmi party in its constant experiments with the idea of government; protested fervently yesterday in the streets of Delhi. India‘s union government; a motley bunch of politicians who are a mix of the lawless, the profane and educated sycophants; took offence at the street power on display, dubbing this as anarchy.

If one thing is evident here; it is the political fight and the stranglehold on power; which the entrenched corrupt political setup is loathe to part with. English; the language of the Empire; has made these brown “powerbrokers” arrogant; with a real disconnect from the people. Governance is better left to administrators with a real interest in benefiting people at large; such as Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew. What India witnesses is a daily ego contest; with media controversies created over trivial issues and a non-stop verbal dialectic; that could better be avoided.

The most disheartening sight is to see supposedly “educated” ministers and former civil servants blatantly indulging in coarse genuflection before a power centre. The illustrious pedigree of some people (Oxford, Harvard etc) on both sides does not hide the fact that they have vested interests in place. Apart from that regional biases, sabotage and crassness subverts everybody from the real agenda; that should be social development; holistic, inclusive and across the board. If we get the government we deserve; then there should be more power in the individual vote.

Some people argue that the Aam Aadmi Party‘s histrionics can be a dangerous precedent; this could be right or wrong. In its current manifestation; they are relatively less serious than the Naxalites in 60s and 70s West Bengal; or the “Red Sun” in Chattisgarh, Orissa, Jharkhand and the border districts of Maharashtra; whose efforts are to undermine the state apparatus completely. A brighter tomorrow on the horizon! Wait and Watch!


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